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Rates for Babysitting in North America 2014 - How Much to Pay?


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What is the average rates for babysitting?

Many parents don't really know what is an

appropriate babysitting rates in their area.

How to set the babysitter salary and which

variables to consider? 


Try our free babysitter rates calculator to

understand what is a reasonable sitting rate

for a babysitter (adult babysitter, after school

sitter, night baby sitter and more).


Free Sitter Rate Calculator!









Setting the Sitting Rate

Now that you've found your baby sitter that seems to be the perfect one you need to set

your budget. If you have no idea how much to pay your sitter per hour and what charges for babysitting then you should some your homework. What is the going rate for babysitting these days in USA and Canada? How can you know what is the right rate for babysitting services in your area?


The answer to the question how much to pay a babysitter can vary from one location to another and of course after considering several factors. In general, rates for babysitting depends on the sitter's experience and the responsibilities with it.


The average babysitting rate is typically in a range between 7$-13$ per hour however in some cases the lower rate can go down to 5$ or can go high up to 20$ per hour.


What to Consider?

The going babysitting rate is also affected by the number of children the caretaker need to be responsible for and their age. taking care of one child is totally different then taking care of three and taking care of infants is different then taking care of toddlers. The term baby sitting and the responsibilities with it vary below the age of three and above. In order to be able to take care of infants the sitters need to have relevant experience or training. In general, the baby sitters experience is a main factor in setting the sitters rate the same as a regular employee salary is set in a different job.


The child care providers fee is also affected by the time of day. For example, baby sitting hours rates during the day are less expensive then during the night. Night sitting services should cost an extra 2$-3$ per hour. On top of that you need to take into consideration others tasks such as housework, cooking, running errands, and caring for children with disabilities or special needs.


The Babysitter Rates Calculator

The average babysitting fee in North America has not been significantly changed in 2014 compared to 2013. In order to know what is the right hourly rate for babysitting in your area, sitters websites offer a free online babysitting rate calculator which you need to feed with relevant information. At the end, you will get a number in $ which is the approximately

rate which should be paid for sitters in your area.


You will need to feed the following information to babysitter rates calculator per hour - zip code, age of sitter, number of children and the sitters years of experience. Then click on the "calculate the rate" button the calculator will do the rest. The going rates for babysitters can be different from one sitter to another based on other factors as well which both sides can agree on. There for there are no "normal babysitting rate" even in your own neighborhood.





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