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House Sitting Rates 2013 - How Much to Pay a Home Sitter?





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Rates for house sitting depends on

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What is a House Sitter?

The place where we get the utmost satisfaction and peace is what we know to be our home. In other words, a place where a human being dwells with his loved ones is called a house. Houses well kept and well maintained is very much the replica of the owner of the house. Thus, it, they hire a house sitter when they need to leave their house for some time.


People living in the house do not always comprise of human beings, the denizens of the house include pets as well. You need to get a good house sitter that in your absence will not take care of your house but also your pets. A house sitter is basically a person who takes care of your house and its belongings until the time you are away. In some cases, the land lord or the owner of the house draws up a legal contract between him and the house sitter so that there is avoidance of any kind of confusion what so ever. The house sitting rates should fit the amount of tasks and duties the sitter should be responsible for.


How Much You Should Pay?

Sitters of such type charge between 25$-50$ per hr.

This is of course a wide range of pay rate and very much depends of the list of expected duties. You should fit this task list to the pay rate and make sure you determine the amount

of weekly/monthly working hours up front.


At care.com you can find house sitters which are also known as "Care Gig Provider" that

will be able to help you in different house hold duties such as - General Errands, Shopping, Vacation Services, Parties & Events, Moving Services, Swimming Pool Cleaning and more.

Here is a profile of a house sitter taken from care.com - Care gig providers in Dallas, TX



  Care Gig Profiles on Care.com


If we examine the first profile of Lindsey, you can see that she has experience in variety of

tasks including take care of large houses and facilities. She more of a house manager and

less of a child care provider. You can also find sitters that will be willing to involve child

caring as well to their list of duties.


What Else to Expect?

As said earlier the personal assistant mission is to take care of all the things that the owner of the house leaves him with. It may be that the proprietor has gone off on an official trip or has gone for a trip with his family but is unable to travel with his pets; in this case, the house sitter will take care of everything that the owner has left him with.


While you are opting for a house sitter, you should also consider looking into the details of the other costs which are charged against you and that affects the house sitting rates. You need to do a thorough check online for the different rates for house sitting, dog sitting rates, pet sitting services, overnight dog sitting rates, etc. All these rates are very easily available in the internet, and the sites are quite informative to you. They come along with the details which are very useful to you in the long run.


The sitter is allowed to stay rent-free in the house of the owner in return of the services that he imparts during the owner’s absence. Thus, it is very much essential for him to get all the responsibilities clearly understood so that he can take care of the house and its belongings effectively. In case some thing goes wrong then the person should be trained to take care of it and inform the concerned authorities immediately.


What to Check Before Hiring?

It is advisable to check all the personal details of the sitter before you hire one as it is very much essential for you to know about the where about of the person who is going to take care of your house in your absence. House sitters are helpful people who perform the duties and the chores just as you would do when you are living in your house. Thus house sitters are people who help you out in your times of need and the house sitting rates should be high enough to ensure a happy and responsible sitter.

















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