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Dog Sitting Rates 2013 - How Much to Pay a Dog Sitter?

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Where Is My Dog Walker...?


What is a reasonable dog sitter rate?

When haring a dog walker you need to

set the right sitting fee. Which factors

you should consider when setting the

sitting rate?


Use the following dog babysitters rate

estimator to better understand what

you should pay when hiring a person

to take care of your pet.


 Free Pet Sitter Rate Estimator!







Setting a Pet Sitter Hourly Rate

There are different things on which the dog sitting rates are depended. If you need the dog sitter for a long time, then you have to pay more. The rates also vary according to the type of dog.


The average rates for dog sitting are 25-35 dollars per day. Here is a pet sitter profile

that explain how much she charge and for what (see the picture below).


The rates of the dog sitter are so much high because most of the people around the world keep the dog as their pet. If you do a little research, you will find that dog would come in second position as a pet animal comparing, to the cats but there is a very little difference between the rates.

When you are away from your home then you keep worrying about your dogs as they are alone in home. You cannot concentrate in your work because you think that what your dog might be doing now as no one is there to look after the dog.When you are away from your home then you worry that your dog would get its food in time or not. If you had gone to your office and no one is there, then the dog has to stay hungry for a long time.

If you appoint dog walkers, then the walkers will take your dog to a walk which is a good exercise for dog, and also it is beneficial for the health of the dog. Pro. Walker will provide various training to the dog.

  Pet Sitter Profile on Sittercity.com


They will make the dog run for miles not only this, professional walker's know how to give veterinarian medicines to the dog, and also they know when this medicines need to be given. The walkers groomed the dog in a professional way. Dog sitting rates always depends on what type of work he is doing. There will be added on charges, if the dog sitters take the dog for bath. The professional dog sitter promise to the dog owner whom they will properly take care of the dog when the owner is not at their home.  


Why The Rates Are Relatively High?

Rates for dog sitting is always high because it is really a difficult task to maintain the dog

as the dog sitting rates organization gets a higher growth. The dog enjoys more when their masters are not the house because at that time they live in a complete freedom. Home pet sitting is also one of the best options, who can take care of your dog in a gentle way. Dog sitting rates depends on the number of dogs and the size of dogs. The rates of the dog sitter vary according to the place and its living cost. People who want that their pet gets extra care then they do not mind paying extra to the pet sitter for the service. They are providing the dog. If you are planning to go on vacations and wondering that who in your absence will take care of your dog, then no need to worry, hire a full time dog sitter which will look after your dog when you are away from your dog. They know the proper guidelines how to take care of the dog in a suitable way. Hiring a professional will release you from tension when you are leaving your pet alone.  


If you want that your dog gets the maximum safety and security at night, then you must opt for an overnight dog sitting service. This service may demand a higher rate from you, but it can ensure you that your dog will remain safe at night.























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