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Babysitter Rates - How Much to Pay a Babysitter? 2014 Guide!




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The following short guide that will help you

better understand how you should calculate

the right babysitting rate when hiring a sitter.


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You will be required to enter your ZIP code,

the number of children and the babysitter's

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How Much Should Babysitters Get Paid?

The average babysitter rate in North America depends on a number of factors. A babysitter for hire will determine her pay-scale as per the number of hours that she works for each week, the number of children who need to be looked after, the nature of the job, her experience etc. Average babysitting rates can also vary from one city to another, very much affected by the average income of local families.Generally a babysitter is paid on an hourly basis as per the Fair Labor Standards Act in the USA. She can also agree to work for a fixed wage for a specified number of hours. There is also overtime to be paid for working for extra hours or for un standard hours or days.


The average rates for babysitting can be in a range of 6$-18$ per hour.


This rate is affected by other factors like the babysitter's age, experience and her education (teenage sitter, college baby sitter or an adult babysitter). On top of that before you decide how much to pay a babysitter you should ask her what was her babysitter rate in her previews job.

As an example, overnight babysitting rates can be higher then babysitting services during the day or afternoon.


Extra Payments - Bonus & Incentive

Some families in North America provide their babysitter with an incentive payment after a pre set period of employment. This bonus can come in the form of being signed on to work for an additional period of time. These bonuses generally reflect the appreciation of the family for the care of their children. This bonus may also be a term specified in the babysitter contract at the time of hiring. This often helps the family also as they do not have to incur further expenditure to find a new child care provider for their children. This is encouraging for the sitter and the kids as well as they do not have to adjust to the presence of a new one.


In North America domestic baby sitters that live near their employer can be compensated for traveling. After the babysitter wage is fixed the amount is determined accordingly. In addition to the average babysitter salary these are some of the incentives that are provided to sitters across North America. The terms and conditions of the above are determined as per the agreement between both the parties to the contract. This should be specified so that there are no misunderstandings in the future. The babysitter pay rate should set in advanced without any

bonus and then if needed you can add an extra payment after several weeks or months.


The average babysitter salary must meet the minimum wage tests as laid down by the Fair Labor Standards Act. When using a babysitter rate calculator to set right babysitter rates in your area, you should take that in mind. When you are looking for a babysitter for hire you need to know more on the above. There are websites like www.care.com and www.sittercity.com that give you information on the availability of both full time and part time babysitters in your locality, after school sitters and more. After you shortlist them and interview them you can discuss the payment details and other terms before signing a contract. In this manner you will be able to get the services of a licensed professional for the security and protection of your kids when you are not around.




The Care.com Hourly Sitting Rate Calculator


Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the final hourly rate for babysitting is determine during the babysitter interview. At this point you should already know how much to pay a babysitter and what is your maximum budget. No matter if it's a pet sitter, baby sitter, infant and child sitter, you should set the right sitting rate that will provide your sitter the right incentive for good sitting service. After all, the first one to enjoy this will be your kids...


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